Geany Debian/Ubuntu Nightly Builds

This directory contains nightly built Debian/Ubuntu packages (amd64 only)
of the current GIT version of Geany and the Geany Plugins project.

You can either download the .deb files and install them manually or you
add one of the repositories to your Apt sources.list, see below.

The packages are built using cowbuilder (a frontend for pbuilder) for
Debian Buster (stable) and for Debian Sid (unstable).
They can be also used on recent Ubuntu systems.

Either download the .deb files directly and install it using

dpkg -i /path/to/geany-0.21+...git...deb

or use one of these repositories to be able to update Geany using apt-get,
aptitude or Synaptic. To do so, you need to add one of the following lines
to your /etc/apt/sources.list, according to your distribution:

deb unstable main


deb stable main

To import the GPG key used to sign the repository, use the following
command (as root):

wget -O- "" | apt-key add -

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-2024-Jul-15 02:30
-2024-Jul-15 02:30
-2024-Jul-15 02:30
1.5 MiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
22.8 KiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
1.7 MiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
547.5 KiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
592.0 KiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
696.4 KiB2024-Jul-15 02:30
963 B2009-Jun-20 20:23